Tussil is a moderately sized village housing roughly 1,000 citizens. It sits nestled along the trade route that winds through Briarwood Forest and serves primarily as a rest stop for traveling merchants and caravans. The village sit son the crown road, a popular trading road that visits many of the lesser towns and villages in this region, including Darson to the south-east and Firegeld to the south, the route used to include Cayonon before it was destroyed many years ago.

Population: 1054

Races present: Human, Dragonborn, Tiefling, Elf, Halfling, Dwarf.

Government: Left to local government overseen by the Village Militia and temple priests, officially under the rule of the nobleman Norryn Silvermoon who doe snot interfere with the village but sends a tax collector through every month.

Defense: The Village has a Militia led by Balasaar Rograh. It is comprised mostly of farmers though Balasaar has some military experience and is a retired soldier.

Commerce: Trade wagons come through the city frequently which allows for a good deal of goods to be bought and sold. The Grey Wolf Inn is the towns only Inn and the local tavern is the Dragon’s Breath. Kadaashi Gresh is the towns healer and local ritual caster.

Organizations: There is a single temple in the village with shrines devoted to; Bahamut, Pelor, and Moradin. There is a farmers organization and the Village council which is led by Balassar, Kadaashi, Simon Folgrim( the local blacksmith and priest of Moradin), Silvienna Shale(The tavern keepers wife and priestess of Bahamut), And Jol Kinnis (The fulltime priest of Pelor).


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