The Knights Sanguine

A group of noble Knights questing for righteousness, they are comprised mostly of lawful good paladins and clerics, though many fighters and wizards are amongst their ranks, they can be found all over smiting evil where it may rise and stopping at nothing to do so. The Knights were founded by Pelor and as a result most worship him, but there are worshipers of many gods amongst the ranks of the knights.

Hierarchy of the knights

Council of Thorns: three sanguine lords that make various important decisions and decide the future of the knights.

Sanguine Lord: the highest position in the knights, only three are in this position at a time, They govern over one of three controlled areas and appoint two rose captain to look over each of their districts.

Rose Captain: Watches over one of the districts controlled by a Sanguine Lord. They have many knights squires and initiates under their command.

Knight: After serving as a squire for two years one may be appointed to a knight.

Squire: After 2 years as an initiate one may be appointed to squire.

Initiate: All new recruits are initiates.

The Knights Sanguine

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