Fate Bound in Chains

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Below are the records of a yet unnamed party of adventurers who decided to take turns recording their deeds.

Entry #1 Prologue

A smoke filled desolate town law in front of a group of six. As the smoke parted a seventh was visible. The seventh lay in the center of the square, the six stood around it weapons drawn on the defensive. A short fellow nearly four feet tall and the appearance of a 12 year old skipped forward and prodded the blackened figure in the square with a longsword. He then gazed up with eyes seeming to contain an eternity’s worth of knowledge in them. “I pronounce the fiend dead!” he squeaked triumphantly. “I wouldn’t count your chickens yet Mertoid, his vessel may be dead but the demon lives on in the abyss” A gruff voice uttered. The speaker was soon revealed to be a dwarf. He stalked forward his immense brown beard swaying as he moved. The dwarf lent down and over turned the badly burned body. He squinted at its features and studied it carefully then spoke, ” Im not sure the vessel is even properly destroy-” he was cut off by the sound of sword hitting flesh and looked up to see the glowing blade of a heavily armored woman thrust into the vessel’s chest. “How’s that?” she asked cocking her head to the side. “Yes i suppose that will do Zetkin” the dwarf said as he stood up. Zetkin pointed to a pile of boxes against which was resting a large woman rippling with muscle and clad in furs next to her lay a bloody and well worn battle axe. “Perhaps you should tend to Heteara, don’t you think Dwarfshack? “Aye” he replied making his way to the wounded woman, he stooped uttered a short prayed and let loose a glowing blue light form his palm to mend her wounds. From the dust two figures approached, as they did so the party drew their blades and mertoid was the first to speak. “Who approaches?” he gasped “Lower your blades is just me and Narsus” the voice came form a tall pale man who’s skin was emblazoned with black tattoos and piercings, accompanying him was an even taller man light skin fair haired and glowing green eyes he robes were badly stained with blood, not all of it his own, he spoke. “Vulcier and I found nothing it appears all traces of the demon are gone, for now at least.” Dwarfshack stood and spoke ” then we best burn the vessel and be off I wish to put this place behind us.” “As do I” Heatera, now on her feet, mustered through grunts of pain. The group gathered around the body and set flame to it, each uttering prayers to their gods “May Pelor protect these lands” “Avandra guide their spirits” “I will spread the news of this atrocity in Corellon’s name” “Bahamut watch over us all” The payers drifted into the silence as the group walked on into the dusk leaving behind the nameless and burnt village devoid of life and purity. This was the first of many chalenges they knew they would face on their rode to glory.



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