Fate Bound in Chains


May Avandra meet you, and Freedom guide your Path.

With the soulless body of our Eladrin friend Narsus I suggested that we take a trip to my hometown where I knew someone who could possibly resurrect him. So Hetaera, The Dwarfshak and I left with Narsus in tow towards home while Shrakk (who I could have sworn was a wilden but looks very much like gthzerai now), Mertoid and Vulcier went to go investigate the farmland.

I could see the towering guards as we approached. And well, they towered because they were dragonborn. And as we approached my colleagues soon noticed that there was nothing but dragonborn there.

The guards questioned us as we grew near. I smiled and said in draconic, “I’m the temple leader’s daughter.”, and showed him a piece of shell on a small silver chain around my neck. “Ah. Yes. The Half-elf. Welcome back.” I was beaming as my friends and I entered the town where I had grown up and trained to become the paladin I am today. And with dragonborn of all kinds bustling around I heard Hetaera ask, “And this is your hometown Zetkin?”

We took Narsus’ body to the temple of Avandra that was an obvious centerpiece in my town. As we walked in there were a few people scattered about in different pews worshipping the goddess of freedom and change. An old dragonborn adorned with silk robes tending to the alter in front. I walked briskly towards him and wispered, “Father, I’m here.” He stood tall and his sweet yet reptilian face smiled. “Limhala.” He replied.

After spending the remainder of the night being teased about my dragonborn name, eating a delicious draconic meal and discussing how to get Narsus back, we all headed to bed. The next morning we decided to roam about town and visit some of my old friends while my father worked on getting Narsus. We first went to the blacksmith, where a married dragonborn couple once made the sword and shield I wield. While there the male blacksmith gave us a box in which he said would be the prize for the Tournament of Kord. I assumed this was part of the festival going on in Pram’s Reach in a few weeks. He asked us to bring the prize to Pram’s Reach for him as he had hurt his leg and needed a bit of help. As an old friend I couldn’t help but agree.

Our next stop was to the training grounds where I could see my old trainer. There was also someone else I thought may be there. So as we headed into the arena I saw him. Not my trainer, but my childhood friend Kriv! He was barking out orders to the new recruits. I know my presence definitely surprised him but I think he was all in all happy to see me. He even challenged my friends and I to a duel with his friends. We of course agreed.

Upon returning to my father’s temple we saw Narsus alive and well! He still looked…a bit under the weather. I thanked my father for everything. It would probably be our last free resurrection. Once Narsus had rested for a bit we headed off toward the arena for our duel with Kriv and his recruits.

Round 1: Narsus vs. 1st recruit, Narsus wins Round 2: Hetaera vs. 2nd recruit, Hetaera wins Round 3: The Dwarfshak vs. 3rd recruit, The Dwarfshak wins Round 4: Me vs. Kriv, Kriv wins.

Of course I was the only one who lost. It’s not like it’s shameful to lose in your hometown against your childhood friend or anything. Especially after adventuring around for six months and slaying a black dragon right? Yeah no big deal. No really, I kinda sorta was really dissapointed in myself. Like alot. And I was pretty down for the rest of the night. But after a talk with my father and with our party revitalized I knew we were ready to head to the farmland and take care of whatever was causing the murders. May it be a beholder! Or a…or a vampire! Or even an illithid! No acctually that would suck. Ugh. May Avandra help us.

Until next time, Zetkin Severine Trix ~



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