Stonecrest is an affluent city carved within the dwarven mountains. It was originally a small fortification held within the mountains, but has recently been expanded to be visible from outside. The city was originally founded by Gilthurm Stoneheart and a small group of dwarves that had escaped from captivity from the enslaving giants. It served as a fortification for other escaping dwarves who would happen to stumble upon the area. It is now currently a historical city with strong influence to the dwarven community and other mountain dwellers, but little known to outsiders.

Like many other dwarven cities, Stonecrest follows a traditional hierarchy based upon social status. Despite regions being grouped into social class, it is not uncommon to see members of lower or high status venture into another region. Entertainment and markets can often be spread out within the different regions fairly evenly, and other times people are just passing through to other sections of the city. The lowest region holds the commoners’ living quarters and markets. The next level up holds the more affluent nobles, who also have their own living quarters and markets, but many prefer to the commoners’ markets to their own. This also houses the King’s quarters, in the far corner of the housing district. Further up is the Shrine of Moradin, where the elders reside. It is an enormous building that spans many sections, although commoners and nobles are limited to certain parts of the building.

Encompassing these areas are the several armories and barracks. The outside regions of the city are designated for defense to protect the citizens from the constant threat of giants and orcs. The fortifications of the city have been so well refined throughout the years that often times people within the upper and lower districts will be unaware of a small skirmish just outside of the city’s walls. Despite having strong fortifications on the outside, the region of the city exposed to the outside of the mountain is relatively less fortified, and instead allows for easier arrivals and departures from the city. It is a long hallway that leads to the front of the lower district, and is rarely used. Despite being less fortified, it is hardly ever attacked as the giants and orcs attack from the tunnels within the mountain.

Though Stonecrest is visible from miles away, there are hardly ever visitors from humans or other non-dwarven races. The lands surrounding the mountain are very harsh. They are freezing cold in the winter, and scorching hot in the summer. Only dwarves are typically seen roaming outside, and they rarely do so for very long.


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