Chimera is a strange city riddled with myth and legend. The city was founded many years ago when an adventurer sought out the mantle of planes a rare treasure guarded by the Chimera Garboldon. The adventurer scoured every inch of the temple in search of it, battling orcs and foulspawn in the upper levels, and things too terrible to mention as he descended. In the bottom chamber he found the chimera and attacked it. The battle was long and furious but the adventurer prevailed and took form the beast the mantle of planes. He used the mantle to travel to the other planes and gain immense riches and treasures. Eventually the adventurer started a city in the temple and named himself its king. The adventurer died passing on the mantle and his sword Flametongue to his son who currently rules the city. The city has an odd composition, part underground (known as lower Chimera), part above ground (known as upper Chimera). The above ground resembles an extremely large temple, filled with vegetation, enough for hundreds to live comfortably.In the center is a grand spiral staircase wide enough for fifteen men to walk side by side, it is carved for what is believed to be the bones of an immense serpent.

Upper Chimera: A mix of the poor, middle class, and the rich, as well as merchants and tradesmen. An inn (The withered Hag) and two taverns (The Empty Flagon, and the Golden Mug) sit in the upper temple. Among its other attractions are a temple of Kord, Corellon, Sehanine, Ioun, Melora, and Avandra. A blacksmith tailor, tanner and general store are present here.

Lower Chimera: Is divided into four sections; housing and merchants, Nobility and governing offices, The catacombs, and the farmlands.

Housing and merchants: This area houses most of the poor and middle class citizens, It also has a guard barracks and the chapter house of the knights sanguine. A blacksmith, general store, two inns (The Bit and Bridal, and The Splintered Board) and a tavern (Gurnhem’s Folly) are present on this level, as well as a market where nearly everyone does there shopping.

Nobility and Governing Offices: The nobles and rich live on this level as does the kings, his castle set into an immense section of wall towards the back. There are at least five noble families in this area and numerous rich ones a fine tavern (Miriam’s Pearl) and a lavish inn (Horst’s Sanctum) operate on this level. There are several barrack on this level used by the individual guards of each noble family and the royal guard.

The Catacombs: A massive expanse of tunnels and caves used primary as a graveyard and a location for the temple of The Raven Queen. The catacombs were once filled with many beasts that had to be cleared out, many think those beasts live on today in the deeper unexplored tunnels. At one end of the explored catacombs is a large locked iron gate that is guarded 24/7 no on is allowed to enter it, in fact those who guard it do not even know what lies beyond, or even how to open it.

The Farmlands: Farmers live in this obscure area. It is a series of large caverns several acres in size each one contains two to three farms. The farms are able to function because of obscure crystal structures in the ceiling that refract light from the surface into the cavern. The farmlands also contain an underground lake i which fishing is done and a large are where beasts are hunted for meat. Because of all this the farmlands provide ninety percent of Chimera’s food.

Population: 25,000

Government: Monarchy, with councils representing each class of people, they vote on laws and propositions, the king has the power ti instate or abolish any law he sees fit. A councils vote is determined by how many members it has, this gives the low council the most power next to the king as it has the temple for voting support, this also makes the high council have little influence because it contains only noble families.

King: Kallido Sigundis

High Council: Members of the rich and noble families

Middle Council: Merchants and Middle class

Low council: Temples and the poor

Defense: The upper guard, Lower Guard, Royal Guard, and private noble soldiers

Upper Guard: Watch over the entrance and upper levels of Chimera

Lower Guard: Guard the middle and lower levels of Chimera

Royal Guard and Private Noble Soldiers: Watch over the Nobility and Governing offices

Commerce: Inns, Taverns, General Goods, Oddities.

Inns: The withered Hag(upper level), The Bit and Bridal, and The Splintered Board (housing and merchant level), Horst’s Sanctum (Nobility and Governing Offices)

Taverns: The Empty Flagon, and the Golden Mug (Upper Chimera), Gurnhem’s Folly (Merchant and Housing), Miriam’s Pearl( Nobility and Governing Offices)

General Goods: Upper and Lower Levels

Oddities: Many odd things( spell books, rituals, magic items, alchemical ingredients, services )can be found on the Merchants level.

Organizations: Knights Sanguine Chapter house, Temples (Kord, Corellon, Sehanine, Ioun, Melora, Avandra, and The Raven Queen), The Order of The White Dragon has a Hall in Chimera(Nobility and Governing Offices), A mage’s college is set up on the upper Level.


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