Fate Bound in Chains

On the Road

Dwarfshack looks up from the reigns and along the road, an endless line of trees form the snowy gauntlet through which the wagon traveled. He shook the snow from his beard and checked the location of his hammer, the shapes dancing along the edges of the forest made him nervous. A claw flashed into his vision and landed on his shoulder. With a deft movement he grabbed the hammer and swung it at the creature, no not a creature, it was Balasaar. The old warlord had come to keep him company at the head of the wagon, and luckily had dodged the hammer blow. “Sorry, im tired and my mind is getting to me” the dwarfshack admitted. “No worried friend, I will take the reigns if you would like to catch some sleep, the others are dozing soundly” Balassar replied. Dwarfshack glanced back to see the others curled snugly under a large blanket, all but vulcier who sat on the back of the wagon staring into the blackness. “No I’m good, friend” Dwarfshack said as he pulled his cloak tighter about his stocky frame and kept the hammer on the seat next to him. “We should arrive in Tussil by morning” Dwarfshack said absently as he grabbed a pint of mostly frozen and nearly stale ale and downed it, wiping the droplets form his immense beard. “Aye that we should, I look forward to being home again with my people” He replied “As do I” Dwarfshack replied absently, “You know, I think I will get some rest” He said as he handed the reigns to Balasaar and clambered into the back of the wagon and curled up under his cloak, Hammer still within arms reach, just in case.

The Audience
Our Meeting with Lord Norryn Silvermoon

We arrived back in town around dawn. There was a commotion around the docks. It seemed a majority of the townspeople had come to see the ship coming into port. Now one would think this was not a spectacular event in a port city, but seeing as I myself was amazed that this sad excuse for a ship had even made it through the night, I understood why we would be suspicious. As we grew nearer, we saw a large figure pushing the other people out of the way. I soon recognized this figure to be our good friend Balasaar. He told the crowd to disperse and we arrived at the docks. We climbed aboard dry land and Balasaar spoke to us as our silly boat sank. He asked us where we had been in the past day and why we didn’t go to the audience with Norryn. I promptly sighed and put my head in my hands. Great, fantastic, of course we missed the audience with Norryn. Of course. I explained that I had gotten knocked out while in a fight while we were trying to do a few favors for the mage’s guild and the rest of the party explained what had happened from there. Balasaar was reluctant to believe such a story but he shook it off and notified us that we had another audience scheduled for later in the day. I was oh so very relieved to hear this. I hoped that we still had a chance to redeem a good first impression.

In the meantime we decided to turn in the mushrooms to the mage’s guild. The head of the college, Gwilow Dusklow thanked us for our hard work with two health potions, a gem and 60 gold. We also payed a visit to the barman at the tavern and showed him the bollywug livers we acquired. While we did this however, Mertoid snuck off and began reciting the poem he had written about our encounter with the black dragon. I chuckled at this when I noticed he was actually trying to sell it. To my surprise a very pretty woman sitting in the back of the tavern, dressed in noble clothing bought the poem from him. What a nice lady. Mertoid of course took the chance and worked a few moves on her. His antics never get old.

Once dusk rolled around we all ventured toward the Council building where we would be meeting with Lord Silvermoon. Balasar awaited our arrival, keeping cool by breathing a small puff of fire into his hands every few minutes. As we approached I patted him on the back and asked if he was alright. He assured me that all was well and we headed in. Mertoid, the Dwarfshak and I entered the office in the front with the others tailing behind us. Norryn was working hard at his desk. He looked very busy and very serious. He finished writing something and stood up to introduce himself. He was a middle-aged looking eladrin man with long silver hair and noble looking clothes with three moons stitched onto them. He spoke concisely and seemed a bit impatient. Although, with the job he had I would be too. He spoke to us about the new tax that was causing a lot of controversy. It was a tax on goods coming to and from Pram’s Reach. I asked him if he had heard of a member of the Knights Sanguine named Erdenheart. He pondered for a moment then remembered that a member had just left for a city called Chimera to become a rose captain. I asked about the city and the role of rose captain. As it turns out, Chimera is a city north of here founded by a hero who slayed an actual Chimera and restored the ruins that lay, into a city. And the position of rose captain in the Knights Sanguine is one of the higher ranks, control many chapter houses and have a definite sway in order. So whoever this Erdenheart was he was a pretty powerful man. Bet he wore platemail as well. Oh, men in platemail, what a lovely thought…Anyways.

As we were talking however the window behind Norryn suddenly shattered and and a sharp blade protruded from his chest. He fell to the ground immediately grasping his chest. What the..? I ran to Norryn’s side along with the Dwarfshak and only looked up to notice Vulcier bound with grace and urgency out the window followed by Mertoid and Hetaera a bit more clumsily. The Dwarfshak began to take the blade from the Lord’s chest with the ease of a great cleric and I prayed to Avandra to heal him with my hands on his chest. I could feel the chest moving, so I knew he would make it. I just hoped that the rest of the Brotherhood could find who did this and take care of them. I wish them luck.

~ With Love, Zetkin Severine Trix

The Shadowfell
A ticket back home comes once in a Blue Moon

I must say, I am astounded. Not only was I right in assuming that my friends did in fact jump into a pool of blood filled with the hands of the undead when we had an audience with the Lord of Pram’s Reach in just a day BUT they also led Hetaera and I into…the Shadowfell. Of course! Where else would a pool of blood take you? We arrived promptly on the ashen ground of the deathly plane after falling, oh I’d say about 10-ish feet. After a swift yelp of pain I got myself up and rubbed my eyes. This is when I figured out where in fact we were.

Off in the distance I could make out the figures of a few people. I knew who they were instantly. The tiny form of Mertoid, the strong yet short figure of the Dwarfshak (along with his beard), and well the others looked relatively the same from here. Anyways, I looked around quickly. I couldn’t believe it. We were in the Shadowfell. THE SHADOWFELL! This place is filled with undead and evil creatures of the like. And I hate undead. This was horrible. An angry expression made it’s way upon my face and I made my way toward the rest of my party along with Hetaera.

They noticed us and quickly greeted us with a somewhat guilty expression written on their faces. I glared at each of them and it was very quiet. “WHY DID YOU JUMP INTO A WELL AND LEAD US ALL INTO THE SHADOWFELL?!” I exclaimed. Mertoid cleared his throat,”That is because, dear Zetkin,we are hereby, The Brotherhood of the Well!” I felt my eye twitch and looked to the rest of the party. “Really?”. They all nodded. I rested my forehead in my hand and sighed to compose myself. I get knocked out and this is what happens? I looked up and smiled an obviously fake smile. “So, how is it that we get out of this awful place exactly?” Narsus stepped forward with his smart-ass smile and pointed towards the sky. “Well when the blue moon rises you sail on the sea the entire night and you will end up back where you should be.” There was a spark of hope in me. “Oh! That sounds easy enough! ” Narsus, still smiling, announced, “There is a catch though.” my brows furrowed and we all in unison said, ”..What?” Narsus picked his hand up matter-of-factly and said,”The blue moon only rises once a month.” We were all quiet and my eyes grew wide. I shook it off though, “Well then let’s hope tonight is that time.” The rest of the party agreed and we headed towards what looked to be a town.

As we got closer I noticed that the town bore a striking resemblance to Pram’s Reach. Could it have been the Fell version of the famous port city? I think so. As I was saying, we entered the city that was titled “Graverot” by a nearby sign. The town was absolutely quiet. If a pin were to drop across the town we would have been able to hear it. Shalahai put a finger to his lips in a shushing manner and pointed at something in the fog. We were in the middle of what seemed to be the town square and the figure stood about 40 feet away. No one could quite tell what the figure was but soon enough there was more of them, hundreds more of them entering the plaza where we stood. It was then that we noticed that these were in fact undead. We stood backs against each other in a circle with our weapons drawn. “Oh holy Avandra, what are we gunna do?” I cried out. I then noticed a loan raven standing atop a large open gate where there were no undead. Dwarfshak then exclaimed, “We have to get to the warf as soon as we can!” I pointed to the gate and yelled, “There!” and ran towards the gate with the raven. The ground was covered with dust no matter where you were. Everything was gray and sad. But this was no time to admire the scenery, the undead were in fact trailing after us.

Though it took us a while and exhausted some of our limited resources we made our way to the warf and found a boat we could use. Well that might be stretching it a bit. There were many holes in the floor of the ship but it was the only one that wasn’t almost completely submerged in water. Dwarfshak, Shalahai and Mertoid took to repairing quickly while Vulcier, Hetaera, Narsus and I prepared to defend against the impending horde. I readied my broadsword, closed my eyes and knelt my head down as the horde quickly approached. Avandra, empower my blade to slay these fiendish beings. I pray that your grace may bestow upon me the divine strength to rid my comrades and I of this hellish horde so that we may return to where we came and find freedom once again. With this I stood up with my radiant blade of light in my hand faced the foul horde in front of me.

Soon my friends and I had slain two hordes of undead, another one was coming our way when Dwarfshak announced that the boat was in enough shape to sail. We ran towards the ship and broke our ties to the bridge, some of us barely escaping the grasps of the horde. I fell against the side of the boat and breathed a sigh of relief. I then saluted and whispered, “Thank you Avandra.” as I watched the radiance of my blade slowly fade. I looked up into the sky and noticed in its brilliant light, the blue moon. I looked towards the mast and saw the raven once again. I smiled, “And thanks to you too, Raven Queen.”

Love, Zetkin Severine Trix

Pop! goes the Mushroom!
...Where did everyone go?

Alright well here I am. I have awoken inside a temple, and there is blood everywhere. My party is gone. Dwarfshak, Mertoid, Vulcier, Shalahai, Hetaera, Narsus. All are no where to be found. Where have they gone and why am I here? I cannot remember exactly what happened. Oh Avandra, please help me. I hope they are all alright. Well, let me think back, what led up to this?

We arrived at Pram’s Reach but just a few hours ago right? Well that’s what it feels like. Anyways, when we arrived the fat ugly old merchant payed us for our time and Balasaar ran off to arrange an appointment with Lord Norryn Silvermoon, the leader of Pram’s Reach. He suggested that we check in with the mages guild and other local landmarks to see if there were any jobs that needed to get done. Unfortunately, our wonderful barbarian Hetaera fell ill and had to go to the local inn and rest. Right, so that is where Hetaera is, now what about the others? We received two jobs to take care of some bollywugs and pick some mushrooms in the nearby swamp forest.So my adventuring party and I made our way into the forest and began the work.

We had taken out a few bollywugs and retrieved their livers when we found our first mushroom. Narsus decided to take care of it since he knew most about it’s arcanic properties. As he gently lifted the cap of the mushroom from the trunk, there was a quick “pop” sound. I was watching Dwarfshack as he watched Narsus and when this sound gracefully erupted from the shroom his eyes widened for a moment. He seemed to be in somewhat of an awe of the sound. He took a liking to the mushrooms thereafter and awaited the sound everytime we found a new one. I remember I found this quite humorous.

We soon found ourselves in front of a swamp near what looked to be a temple…Now that I think about it I think that is where I am at this moment…anyways we needed about two or three more bollywug livers and one or two more mushrooms. The rest of the party began a quick search while I went to inspect the temple. There in front of me was a well, or rather a pool of what looked to be blood. Right! The same pool that I am in front of now. As I was saying, I cringed a bit but I soon heard the sound of fighting. I began to run out to join the battle when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Undead bodies were coming at me. Fast. I got to the entrance when I found my party fighting a group of bollywugs hopping out of the swamp. Bollywogs on one side and undead on the left, I readied my broadsword and closed my eyes, praying. “Dearest Avandra, guardian of freedom and change, please empower me against these foul creatures, ensure me to protect my friends against any evil that is here.” Suddenly I felt a surge of divine radiance rush through me and I opened my eyes to see my broadsword glowing with radiant light. With a quick smile I rushed toward the undead fiends and began to slay the evil corpses.

With the fine work of my party the number of enemies was quickly reduced. I was badly hurt though and retreated into the temple to heal real quick. The pool of blood caught my eye once again though. The dreaded voice invaded my thoughts once again and urged me to touch the crimson liquid. I took my sword and swirled it around. Deathly hands reached onto the blades but the began to sear and burn against the radiance. I scoffed at the failure of the creatures attempts but a sudden surge entered my mind. The horrible pain made me scream as I heard the evil voice laugh at my weak state. The laugh grew louder and louder and more menacing and threatening and then louder again! And that was the last I remembered.

Now I sit here alone and surrounded by blood. There is a rope near the pool, but surely my party would never just leap into a mysterious pool of blood filled with undead creatures especially when we have our audience with Norryn in just a day right?...Right? What am I thinking. Of course they would. Wait, I hear a sound. As I look up I see none other than Hetaera! I sigh and let out a laugh relieved. “Um, what happened? Where is everyone?” I stand up and point down toward the pool with a smile. She paused, “You’re joking right?”. “I’m afraid not.” I pick up the rope. She subtly puts the palm of her hand on her forehead. I smile once again, although quite frustrated with the rest of my party. We then lept into the pool of blood to retrieve our friends. Tally-ho!

With Love, Zetkin Severine Trix Your friendly neighborhood paladin

The "Assumed" Betrayal of Kadaashi
I told you so...

As my party and I began to arrive once again in the town of Tussil, with the survivors of the kobolds sacrifices, I admired the armor now endowed upon my body. The sleek pearly suit tinted green in the right sunlight. I had picked this up from amongst the heap of treasure protected by the young dragon we had slaughtered. But I digress. We arrived to the praises of the townspeople who were soon shocked to hear the deed at which we had recently accomplished. The leader of the guard, Balasar, approached us and thanked us gratuitously. He discussed with us that he and the fellow townspeople had no idea how much of a threat they were really up against. The fight was tough, but good Mertoid had finished him off. I was hoping this fact would help the dragonborn captain and the gnome bard put aside their differences…

After the return of the survivors to their families, we took part in a small celebration in the town tavern but we were anxious to head back to bed at Alaric’s inn. A good sleep was just what our group needed after our first dragon. I, personally, was so tired that I fell right on my bed without even taking my new armor off. I prayed that Avandra would protect us in our future adventures, silently, and drifted off to sleep.

Then BAM! I awoke with a start. Screams and crashes racked my once peaceful ears. But wait. Could it be? That sound..I walked clumsily over to the window and looked about the town. My teeth clenched as my fears were proven. Those damned kobolds were at it again! Their piercning screams made me want to swing my broadsword across their vocal cords. Compose yourself Zetkin. The town is in trouble! I needed to save them! With some trouble I made my way down the stairs of the inn and ran towards the nearest threat.

I met up with the rest of my party at near a gate where a group of kobolds were planning an attack. We took action before they did but they proved a force to be reckoned with. There was a few left and our party was weak. But before our morale was challenged our temporary savior and good friend, Balasar, charged in and took one out with a quick but deadly slash of his blade. With the help of our new ally we quickly defeated the rest. My thanks to Avandra. We quickly spoke up to Balasar. How could this happen? We just defeated the kobold threat but a few hours before! What are these to disrupt Tussil? Balasar told us that there must have been another hideout, one that no one knew about. Blasted kobolds…how I loathe thee.

Soon a racket was heard from the courtyard of the town and we rushed ourselves toward that destination. We approached quietly where we saw a group of kobolds headed by a chieftan of which was yelling at…KADAASHI! What was this? He spoke in broken common of betrayal and things of the like. I knew it! I knew that woman was up to something! May Avandra have mercy on her soul once we find out what she has really done. But we could wait no longer. We had to battle the group. We took out most everything as swiftly as we could but the chieftan didn’t go out without a tough fight. But all of us against him proved enough. Unfortunately, we were all distratced during the fight and Kadaashi escaped. We did however recover a note from the chieftan’s corpse. It was very badly treated and we could only make out a few words. What was notable though was the signature at the bottom. “Erdenhart”, it read. We were soon informed that a man named Erdenhart was a member of the Knights Sanguine. I knew little of this group but they sounded important. Maybe. I wasn’t sure, but anyways, Balasar told us that the nearest chapter house of the Knights Sanguine was in the nearby port city, Pram’s Reach. We agreed to rest for the night and leave in the morning.

And alas in the morning, thanks to Mertoid’s excellent coercion skills, a merchant, a fat and ugly merchant I may add, had agreed to let us be his bodyguards on his way to Pram’s reach. So with a vague letter, a newfound strength and Balasar in tow we headed to Pram’s Reach to locate Erdenhart.

With love, Zetkin Severine Trix

The Lay of Tussil
Mertoids poem of the slaying of the dragon. (Ironically, He was eaten by dead dragons later.)

In the town, Tussil of Old, A problem made brave hearts grow cold, for, more precious than any gold, People vanished from the fold.

Smashing, grinding, gnashing teeth eyes so foul, whiskers beneath, the makers of the arid heath, Kolbolds, who evil did bequeath.

But fouler still, their master dark, Who of Tussil did it mark, consumed its innocence in its stark, its laugh a beastly, evil bark.

The young, naive, and greatly fair, The old and wise and fools impaired, were taken to the swampy lair, to be consumed by true despair.

Oh, black oaths and roars abound, a mighty, meaty, smacking sound, Evil’s great new breeding ground, with lifeless corpses cast around.

But Hark! Hope is not lost, Tussil, the gods did not toss, For Heroes did the Evil cross, They saved the day, for slightest cost.

Swordmage bold, Assassin shrewd, Cleric wise and Druid new, Humble Bard and Paladin too, Fresh from demon filled debut.

The heroes crept and swam and tracked, they fought crude beasts, whom they did whack, Until the master did fight back, its evil crept from darkest crack.

Its servants slain, the beast did rage, In muck it hid, its nasty cage, the heroes brave did it engage, a battle on a swampy stage.

Its dragon’s strength, corrosive breath, all sought out the mighty heroes’ deaths, they felt great fear with every step, Until, in the Wyrm, weakness crept.

Black horn hewn, head chopped off, Blood-acid sprayed in muddy trough, The Heroes who at it had scoffed, made the dark beast breath its last cough.

Hacked apart and spread throughout, taken back to lighter routes, the Dragon’s death beyond all doubt, Now merely history talked about.

Goodness renewed by actions brave, Hearts by evil no longer enslaved, the townsfolk save, to heroes did wave, after sending beast to ignoble grave.

There are deeds of cunning, deeds of skill, that remain in this weary world still, Whatever quest, of evil ill, will, by heroes, be fulfilled.

the newest entry found in a moldy tomb in the blakc dragons treasure pile.

Found in a moldy tome on the black dragon’s treasure pile

I never though the crystal that Tiefling gave me would come in handy, I was proven wrong. I had been a fool to assume that the kobolds undying fanaticism would serve an ample ward against intruders, this was not the case. The kobolds were adept at trap laying and scouting as well as kidnapping the most savory of morsels for me to dine upon. But I fear that the.y have been defeated, or my personal guard have at least, I know the tribe is much larger and has hidden in many nearby caves, but the adventurers are strong, no match for myself but the weak underlings are easily squashed under foot. I watched through this luminous crystal as they slaughtered my minions and progressed through the corridors and hallways the kobolds occupied, and suddenly I was thrilled. The though of a battle had never before intrigued me like the impending battle with these brave and foolhardy band of would be heroes did. As one lizard like abomination was slain after another my pleasure grew, to see my loyal servants slaughtered was an amusement, the flames of the chambers dancing upon the blood soaked falls and floor, the sanguine beauty in the murderous eyes of the shadar-kai as he sever head form torso, the radiant valiance of the paladin as she brought down holy fury upon their heads smiting them to the floor, the kind but experienced hands of the Dwarf as he mended their ragged limbs and spent torsos, the barbarians fierce and lovely rage as she smashed things to a malformed bloody pulp, and the gut wrenching and horrendous acts that defiled all natural law preformed by the elf of the druid path. Yes these woudl be formidable opponents but i have the advantage, the prior knowledge and the experience they lack. I shall prepare to give them a fight unlike any they have experienced, and the last they will experience ever again. The tiefling will be happy to hear about their defeat im sure of it.

Zetkin's Log
Kobold Extermination Part One

The light of the sun entered through the hole,( which I assumed was a sort of window) and I awoke to fresh air. Tussel was ready for our help! I washed myself up and got suited when I smelled the comforting aroma of breakfast being made downstairs. I walked down to meet my good friends and was delighted to see almost all of them eating a round of fluffy-looking pancakes. I greeted them all and took a few pancakes myself. We had a busy day ahead of us and we needed to be at our full potential.

Our first stop was the Healer Kadaashi’s shop. She was of little help. She was bossy and arrogant and very annoying. I kept my mouth shut while Mertoid did the talking. So many of her fellow citizens were being hurt yet she wasn’t using her healing powers to their highest potential. Bloody ‘fell! She was making me quite irate, but I suppressed myself. I did notice Vulcier looking around the shop suspiciously…I decided to keep my eye on him instead of that awful teifling woman for the remainder of the conversation.

After that sad excuse of a healer we ventured the town and asked about for the wereabouts of a possible kobold hideout. While asking the townspeople we found a group of people gathered around a crying woman. She was yelling, tears dripping down her face, about her daughter. She had been kidnapped, and the lead suspect? Kobolds, of course. I noticed Mertoid and Vulcier plotting something and looking around the house, I glared. Narsus stood before the woman and announced to the town that we would try our best to find the girl and do away with the filthy kobolds. After that the best we could do was figure out that the hideout was possibly..somewhere...in the forest…Fantastic, Great…what a lead we had. But it was allright! We could do it! Avandra would guide me!...right?

Around midday we started our trek into the forest. We were having a lot of problems…we walked around in circles. I decided to pray to Avandra, asking her to light a path for us. As soon as I knew it a white butterfly came along and flew towards an opening that I had not previously seen. Vulcier leaped and bounded with agility and grace througout the trees trying to find anything from above ground. Dwarfshak led us through the forest picking what he thought to be the best possible route with success! Then…Of course, Narsus decided to climb into a nearby tree and throw his sword in the direction of the kobold hideout. We followed this error and found ourselves at the beginning of the forest. The collective of the party let out a sigh and we all agreed to start over.

We soon found ourselves back to where we had been, but we were stumped. Not wanting to make a wrong turn again, we made sure to analyze whatever we could. Then Mertoid cleard his throat and announced, “Well, I’m sure not looking for a kobold hideout.” and within the next few seconds a small downward hill that was previously blocked by bushes was cleared. It was amazing for lack of a better word. It was simply as if he had bluffed the universe! That Mertoid is certainly a mystery sometimes. Anyways, we followed the hill down to a clearing and upon exploring the clearing there was what looked to be a ruined temple…

We had found it! Callooh! Callay! I smiled to myself but suddenly experienced a troublesome ache in my head. A voice, dark ominous..and familiar came to speak. “Hello again friend”, I heard it speak.” My eyes widened for but a moment but before I could do anything something fell from the cliff of the temple. It hit Narsus and he was automatically unable to move. The unmistakable sound of Kobold’s pathetic battlecries rang into our ears… Soon enough we were done with the annoyance. Dwarfshack healed our wounds and we made our way through the vicious tendrels at the mouth of the cave using a kobold corpse to clear the way. “A job well done.” The horrid voice spoke to me again. No, NO! Not again. I thought to myself. I thought I was done with this.

Once we found ourselves in the cave or temple or whatever it was that the kobolds used as a hideout we found a doorway. We also heard something behind us. A figure appeared and seemed to be following us. I turned and saw Vulcier, so it probably wasnt his time to backstab us…yet. As the figure got closer it was apparent that it was a man, and elf and a druid. He approached us amiably and told us that the kobolds had been a bother to him in the forest and he would like to join us in our fight against them. We accepted him and he introduced himself as Lucan. With a new friend in tow the zeal within me was enlighted. I would suppress the voice, or attempt to, and we would vanquish the kobold threat and find the missing people of Tussel! May freedom guide us, and Avandra meet our path.

With Love, Zetkin Severine Trix

Mertoid's Journal 3434/4/25

Concerning the Plight of Tussil

I first laid eyes on the town of Tussil in the late evening. We (the adventuring party and I) had just finished slaying some vile kobolds that had sought to waylay us on the road. I assume they were trying to be smelly highwaymen of some sort. Needless to say, they fell quickly beneath our steel and order was restored. Although, we probably would have killed them all faster if the lovely Zetkin hadn’t practically thrown herself into a pitfall. My valiant attempts to aid her were in vain, something which Darhkress and Orsik were quick to point out. The sods. May their barley grow crooked. (Note: Use Orsik’s beard as rope at first possible chance. Bet the sod will find that real funny.)

In truth, it wasn’t the first time I had ever seen Tussil, but thankfully none of the residents seemed to remember the time the famous (and good looking) gnomish bandit Aklen Fuzdlewrapper senselessly violated the cathedral in a mad attempt to plunder its riches. Leading the guards of twelve cities on a mad dash for freedom, he inconclusively died in a fire just as the law was closing in. I , of course, just happened to be around the area at the same time and only witnessed these events and in no way participated in them, at all, no matter what that damn fishwife might say. But I digress.

Once in the borders of the town, we were pointed to appropriated named Dragon’s Breath as the nearest watering hole. A Brimstone-munching Dragonborn named Balasaar greeted us, apparently the captain of the town guard, seeking our aid for the towns problems. Now, I don’t have any issue with earning money, but what is the point of doing a town-guard’s work for them? A townsfolk witnessing a band of adventurers breezing in and doing something their lawful protectors can’t undermines the fabric of society. Citizens lose faith in the peacekeepers, inspiring a rash of crime and general disorder, something I doubt a town of Tussil’s size could weather. Lawful citizens, afraid, would move out. The money-makers would follow. Criminals would attract more crime, an increasing amount coming from outside the city limits.

But it is not my fault that none of the berks had read the great gnomish revolutionary Connor Wheedlebreen’s magnum opus, The Redshirt Legion. (Connor later leapt off a cliff, and inconclusively drowned.) And my party accepted the offer. Ironheart wouldn’t even let me bargain properly. Atleast she came with Darhkress, which makes her presence tolerable.

Kobolds had been attacking the town for quite awhile, making off with several townsfolk. I thought about suggesting it was the work of the Gnomish cannibal, Tummyyum Yumtumtum, but I had killed him myself years back. Sick bastard. We were promised rooms in the local inn, a charming establishment named The Grey Wolf. Innkeep wasn’t pleased, but he’ll tolerate giving us bed and berth.

Tomorrow, we plan to eat breakfast and then ask around town for a bit. Visit the local healer (Kashii, Kadeshmesh, or something like that) and such. Then we’re off into the forest to hunt some kobolds. (Orsik actually talked a drunk into going into the woods at night. HA! He is redeemed in my eyes. May his harvests be bountiful.) I’ll update tomorrow night.

May you fields remain fertile,


Dwarfshack's Log
Oh Mertoid, how you amuse me so.

While a demon may pose no threat, decisions do. We encountered a fork in the road, which was our greatest challenge yet. Strangely, Hetaera dug her hands into the ground trying to pull the earth out from beneath her. I had no idea what she was trying to do. To the left was a burnt sign revealing a dangerous path, and to our right was the way to Tussil. Much to my dismay we headed to Tussil. It seems nobody respects a king around here. Along the road we encountered some Kobolds. We attempted to reason with them but grew tired and smashed their heads in. Off the road we found a wrecked caravan. Lucky for us, it contained some magical armor, magic belt, magic robe, and low quality gems that everyone was gawking at. If only they knew the quality of fine dwarven jewels. While we figured the caravan was heading towards Tussil, our cunning bard immediately started to formulate plans on how to safely take permanent possession over these items. After slipping on my magical armor, I was aching for more combat, after all, it’s much more entertaining than listening to the gnome, who seems more puntable each day. Pelor must have heard my wish, cause we found yet another kobold group just as eager to kill us. These kobolds were slightly smarter or us slighly less perceptive, as our paladin promptly fell into a pit. With Zetkin in the pit, the foolish gnome attempted to pull her out using rope. Mertoid failed to realize that a person of his size had no chance of lifting a fully armored paladin twice his size. If only he could sing songs about his foolishness. While I was silently laughing, the kobolds did not find this amusing as they ran into the trees and started throwing crude weapons at us. This must have angered Hetaera a great deal, as she just tore apart a tree, instantly killing the kobold and clearing a path. I wondered why it was Mertoid trying to pull up the paladin. It was only after we cleaned up the remaining kobolds that he finally managed to get her up, though I doubt he really contributed all that much. After all the laughter was over, we continued onward to Tussil with no futher interruptions. It was about time for some pancakes and ale.


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