Zetkin Severine Trix

A lawful good, half-elf, Avandra worshipping, paladin who grew up with the dragonborn.


Zetkin is a determined and strong-willed servant of Avandra. She achieves her goals by the means of lawful good deeds and has a wild and adventurous spirit within her. But there is something else that lies within her mind as well, a dark voice coming from someone or something unidentifiable to Zetkin that compells her to do evil deeds.


Once upon a time a human man and elf woman loved eachother very much and they convcieved a baby. Unfortuneatly for the child, the man and woman were explorers and the idea of having a child just didn’t quite sit right with them. So, they decided to drop the little bundle of joy off in a random town of their choosing. This town ended up being Soranton, and was a town made up completely of…dragonborn. Now one would ask, how would a half-elf be taken in an all dragonborn community? The answer? Quite well actually. The priest of the town and his wife took the child in with open arms and raised the half-elf (which was called Limhala in the dragonborn community). Her adopted mother and father had never been ab;e to have a child and saw Limhala as a blessing from Avandra. But unfortunately her mother died when Limhalaa was about ten. As a token of her mother’s love, her father gave Limhala her mothers shard of eggshell. Around this same time a voice started appearing in Limhala’s head. It was a distorted and unwelcoming sounding voice that started to tempt her to do dishonest and evil deeds. The voice told her not to tell anymore about what she was hearing and threatened to hurt her father. Limhala tried and tried to push these voices away and they eventually came as rarely as once every few months. From then on she grew to worship the towns deity Avandra, the goddess of change and freedom, and grew to embrace the customs of a dragonborn. There was just one problem, the child had her parents genes, and dreamed of exploring the world on fantastic adventures. In order to to make herself and her town happy, she became a paladin of Avandra and swore to do great deeds for the goddess that gave her such a loving home for the past 22 years. And so Limhala, now Zetkin Severine Trix set off into the world to encounter the great adventures she dreamed of. But now that she has set off alone, and she is more powerful, the mysterious voice is beginning to pay more and more visits…

Zetkin Severine Trix

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