Locke Ravenwood

A once wild adveturer with his own group, he has hence become king of the Northern Kingdom with his party now serving as his royal generals.


Locke is as humorous as he is a tactical archer-warlord. As the present king of The Opal City, he serves his people justly and fairly. At 33 he is a young king but do not let his age fool you. Well maybe sometimes. He constantly jokes but has learned to be serious when the time calls. He values the friendships he had made along his journey to kingship and respects any adventurer he meets.


Ever since a chance meeting with a group of adventurers in an alley way led him into the Undermountain, Locke Ravenwood has craved adventure. After his journeys in the Undermountain he soon found a friend in a half-elf battlemind named Severus. At the age of 18 Locke and Sev set out on an adventure for the sake of adventure. Within the first few weeks they found themselves in a goblin prison. Thankfully Sev got them out safely and they continued on eventually meeting with a dwarf, human, and genasi. Upon reaching the Northern Kingdom and helping the dwarves with the white dragon plight, Locke was appointed as king where he has been serving for the past 10 years.

Locke Ravenwood

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