Heskan Kriv


Heskan Kriv grew up in the care of a small, relatively unknown, wandering dragonborn clan. At a young age he was fascinated with the stories of the great empire of Arkhosia. At night his dreams were filled with him reforging the empire and becoming renown across the realms. One particular tale about a Warlord by the name of Logrim One-Eye was of great influence. Logrim had carved a bloody swathe through the realms, then settled down and became captain of a town. When the very gods were against him, Logrim refused to die even then.

On his 16th birthday and his elevation into adulthood, Heskan set out on a journey to emulate the actions of Logrim. He had few successes however, and grew despondent. One day in his lowest mood yet, he came upon a great city by the name of Chimera. In this city he began to take odd jobs here and there. Some involved killing rats for a shopkeep, others saw him as a delivery boy. With each small success his spirits slowly raised. He swore to himself that he would not rest until the tale of Heskan Kriv began being told to young dragonborn worldwide.

On one of these “quests” Heskan ran into a strange man with a raven’s feather in his hair. This man was a follower of the raven queen and shared with Heskan his ideas. Heskan liked what he heard and became a follower of the Raven Queen.

One day he was in a tavern looking for work, when a strange young human with a lute on his back walked in and approached him…

Heskan Kriv

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