Gilthurm Stoneheart

The day he was born, everything the dwarves thought they had known had changed.


As Gilthurm Stoneheart was born on the battlefield, his mother immediately thought something was wrong. Rather than giving birth to a normal child, she witnessed large amounts of hair coming out from her. After pulling out seemingly endless amounts of hair, she finally found out that it was attached to the chin of this small child. As she began to wind the hair up around him for warmth, other soldiers took notice, many had stopped fighting and began to gawk at the sight. While this short moment of distraction lead to the defeat of the dwarves by the hands of the giants, all hope had not been lost.

As Gilthurm grew, he became a very powerful soldier. It was soon discovered that his beard was extremely resilient, as the giants could not find a way to sever his beard as they had done with the other captured dwarves. With this in mind, he wrapped his beard around himself and his shield as armor and lead the small group of captured dwarves to freedom. After defeating the giants, he was giving the name Dwarfshack, which became the highest title that could be bestowed upon a dwarf. Once regaining their freedom, the small group of dwarves began to build a city in which they could defend themselves and become a safe haven for other dwarves who stumbled into the area. They build it within the very mountains they were kept in captivity. They called the fortification Stonecrest, and Gilthurm Stoneheart became their leader.

It was said that hundreds, if not thousands of lives were saved due to Stormblade and its founders. In the now affluent city, many citizens praise Gilthurm as being second to Moradin, serving as his right hand. While hearing stories of his beard, many passed it off as being overblown and exaggerated. But with the birth of Thorim Beardskin, the second Dwarfshack, they had reevaluated their beliefs. The elders of the city, passing down stories told to them by their ancestors, state that even Thorim’s beard is not quite the length of Gilthurm’s, but one day it could reach a comparable length.

Gilthurm Stoneheart

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