Hroggek Baldface

A dwarven prophet shunned by his people and seeking to prove the will of his god


Class: Invoker HP: 45 Ability Scores: 8 Str 19 Con 12 Dex 12 Int 19 Wis 10 Cha AC: 19 Fort: 18 Ref: 15 Will: 18 Passive Insight: 21 Passive Perception: 16 Speed: 5 Trained Skills: Arcana, Endurance, Insight, Religion Feats: Implement Expertise (staff), Raging Storm, Improved Initiative Powers: Avenging Light, Divine Bolts, Armor of Wrath (CD), Rebuke Unead (CD), Thunder of Judgement, Chains of Carceri, Summon Angel of Fire, Grasping Chains of the Justiciar, Wall of Light Surges/Day: 10 Possessions: Rebuking Chainmail +1, Staff of Ruin +1, Cloak of Resistance +1, ritual book, standard adventurer’s kit Rituals: Hand of Fate (usable once/day without expending components), Make Whole


Born Hroggek Ironhelm, this dwarf was gifted from a young age with visions from Moradin. His religious significance did not go unnoticed by the dwarven clergy. As soon as he was old enough, Hroggek began his training to become a cleric. It soon became apparent, however, that this was not the path for which he was meant.

He found he could perform feats of divine magic without engaging in the prayers and rituals required of clerics. Searching through ancient scrolls in forgotten corners of his city’s library, Hroggek discovered that he was an invoker, and that instead of him channeling the power of Moradin, a spark of it resided directly inside him.

This knowledge caused him to grow arrogant and dismissive of the rest of the clergy, believing himself to be the chosen one of Moradin and therefore above them. He would get into great arguments with the high priests, who regarded him as an arrogant upstart, over matters of theology and church hierarchy. Eventually, these arguments grew so heated that he was accused and convicted of heresy by the church authorities and sentenced to exile from his home.

As an exile, he was as low as one can go in dwarven society, as he was no longer even a member of it. Because of this, he was forced to shave his beard and change his name to match, shaming him greatly. In defiance and mockery of his sentence, he grew a giant mustache, stretching the width of his face and beyond.

Behind this rebellious exterior, however, Hroggek was severely shaken. How could someone as highly favored by Moradin as he was be a heretic? He set out into the world full of chagrin and determined to prove himself worthy of the power and honor Moradin had bestowed upon him by performing great deeds to the good of all and the glory of the dwarves.

His experience of being outcast and the determination it placed in him to prove himself drive many of his actions. He is determined to succeed in all endeavors, making him cautious but willing to take risks when backed into a corner rather than admit defeat. In battle, he prefers to stay back and pelt his enemies with multitarget ranged attacks. Because of his drive to succeed, he hates to see an attack fail and will often take a more accurate attack over one that is harder hitting but less likely to make contact. This also encourages him to use multiattack and area of effect powers, on the grounds that if he attacks enough enemies, he’ll at least hit one or two.

With regards to his faith, Hroggek is still zealously devoted to Moradin and convinced that his god has some purpose for him. However, since his exile, he is no longer so certain he knows what that purpose is. The visions he once received no longer come to him, and he adventures as much, if not more, to regain favor with his god as to prove himself to his people.

As an outcast, Hroggek knows the value of a friend in a world that offers him so few. He values establishing contacts and building relationships with the people he meets. He is fiercely loyal to his close companions and will go out of his way to help or protect them.

Hroggek Baldface

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