Jargon unit 52

Jargon is a defective warforged form the city of Sandgate. He travels with the ebony guard.


Class: Avenger Deity: Corellon Hp: 39 Ability Scores: 12 Str 13 Con 10 Dex 14 Int 18 Wis 8 Cha AC: 17 Fort: 13 Ref: 14 Will: 17 Passive insight: 14 Passive Perception: 14 Speed: 5 Trained skills: Athletics, Religion, Stealth.


Jargon 52 was one of the 230 warforged guards created to defend the city of Sandgate, however he had a defect, free will. Jargon was created with free will and as such he did not desire to be a guard and was a rather lousy one because of it, so instead he was granted citizenship and counted as a normal member of the community. Jargon became fast friends with a Tiefling named Inspiration. The two talked about one day forming an adventuring party and excavating the dunes of the east in search for treasure, well they got their wish and one day set out to find fame and fortune. Along their travels Jargon developed a love for poetry and began writing poems in reverence of Corellon whom he worshiped most devoutly. Jargon adapted the path of the avenger, he is able to sink into the shadows only to reemerge somewhere else and drag enemies away from the fight. Despite having free will Jargon is still a machine and tends to calculate everything, speak brashly, and ignore social convention unless it makes sense, the only thing that breaks this is his love of poetry. Jargon is sometimes reprimanded by his party for his tendency to say exactly whats on his mind.

Jargon unit 52

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