Vulcier Dahrkress


Class: Assassin Ability Scores: Str-10, Con-14, Dex-20, Int-11, Wis-8, Cha-12 Defenses: AC-15, Fort-14, Ref-15, Will-12 Initiative: 5 Movement: 6 Hit Points: Max HP-24, Bloodied-12, Surge value-6, Surges/day-8 Skills: Acrobatics-12, Athletics-5, Bluff-1, Diplomacy-1, Endurance-2, Intimidate-1, Perception-4, Stealth-12, Thievery-10 Features: Shadow Origin, Winterkin, Bleak Disciple Powers: Second Wind, Assassin’s Shroud, Shadow Step, Executioner’s Noose, Leaping Shade, Shadow Jaunt, Shade Form, Nightmare Shades, Strangling Shadow Feats: Killer’s Insight


Age: 46 Gender: Male Class: Assassin Alignment: Evil Deity: Zehir Backstory: Vulcier Dahrkress was born to a family inhabiting the city of Klyseek. Klyseek is a city heavily suggested to be avoided by commoners, let alone nobleman, for Klyseek is home to 3 large factions of assassins. Not only is it home to assassins but the majority of the population are known to be Shadar-Kai. In Klyseek, the streets rain with war and the inhabitants’ fate is tied to death. The 3 assassin factions are constantly at each others throats, and since they’re known to be hihgly skilled and highly dangerous no authorities oppose them leaving the Klyseek in control of the 3 factions. Each faction desires control of the city so their their name would be highly regarded among the assassins throughout the world. Little do these 3 know that because of the constant turmoil in Klyseek, each faction is already looked up to and honored in the assassin community. Each faction trying to gain complete control of the city require as many recruits as they can get. If any neutral civilian of Klyseek is sighted by a member, they are given the choice to either join their faction and live, or are killed without hesitation. Each faction is tied to the pride of their city, and therefore, are aptly named. One faction goes by “Souls of Klyseek” which consists of only Shadar-kai and happens to be the faction Vulcier was born into, for his parents were two of the most regarded assassins in the faction. Another faction goes by the name of “Sons of Klyseek” which also strictly consists of Shadar-kai. The final faction refers to themselves as “The Light of Klyseek” which consists of the minority of Klyseek, the Genasi. Each member of a faction wore an emblem on their garbs representing which faction they belonged to. Vulcier grew up being trained as an assassin by his parents. As he grew more skilled and more cunning, he quickly rose in the ranks of his faction. One day traveling through the city he ambushed by members from “Sons of Klyseek,” he attempted to flee but knew it was futile and cut off the emblem of his faction and hid it from their eyes. When he was caught he was questioned of his alliance. Being ever so cunning, he noticed the emblem they wore and he replied his alliance was now with “Sons of Klyseek.” Pleased with his answer, they took Vulcier to their hideout. To be accepted he was told he would have to pass the trials of initiation which was to kill a member from the two other factions. Vulcier was then accompanied by a member of his soon-to-be new faction. Knowing the procedures of his original faction, who knew who would be the easiest target and when. He proceeded to track down one of his comrades and without his new ‘partner’ being able to see, he slapped on his old faction emblem to lower the guard of his former ally, and proceed to eliminate him swiftly. Vulcier then proceeded to hide his emblem again as him and his company scouted out the Genasi target. They only target they could find was accompanied by another member of his faction so Vulcier and his accomplice caught the two Genasi off guard and proceeded to execute them both. They then returned to the hideout and Vulcier was accepted and given his new alliance’s emblem. Vulcier then used the two emblems to walk amongst both factions for several years. Vulcier, using his cunning mind, decided to end the war between the three factions. He single-handedly began killing both factions off from the inside. Over the years the size of the two factions heavily decreased and the Genasi took notice and began plotting an assault. When the time was right the Genasi initiated a strike on the “Souls of Klyseek” faction, and in the strike, Vulcier’s parents were killed by the Genasi. Vulcier took shelter with “Sons of Klyseek” until the Genasi retreated. He returned to “Souls of Klyseek” to grieve for the loss of his parents. Confused and infuriated, the members of “Souls of Klyseek” gained suspicion that the loss of their amount of members had to be the work of someone on the inside. The leader of “Souls of Klyseek” had his suspicions of Vulcier due to his many absences as of late. He said the only way Vulcier could gain the trust of his faction was to kill the leader of another faction and to prove it by bringing the ‘treasure’ of that faction. Each faction had a treasure kept safe by the leader. Vulcier had plans of his own and began the next phase of ending the war of factions once and for all. He used his “Sons of Klyseek” emblem to break into the hideout and used his status to meet with the leader face to face. His proceeded with killing the leader and in the mass chaos that ensued he stole the treasure and escaped. Returning to “Souls of Klyseek” he regained the trust of his faction by delivering the treasure to his leader. Not soon after the “Sons of Klyseek” initiated an attack on the hideout after trailing Vulcier. During the attack, Vulcier used the opportunity to murder his leader and steal both the treasures from the two factions and escaped. The Genasi gained wind of this and proceeded to attack, just as Vulcier had anticipated. He sneaked into the Genasi hideout and assassinated the Genasi leader and stealing the treasure, but that wasn’t enough for Vulcier. Vulcier was well aware that Genasi can be ‘reborn’ so he harvested the liquid essence of the leader and kept in a flask. As a warning to the Genasi, but his revenge against the Genasi had only just begun. Vulcier the fled the city, leaving both emblems in the Genasi hideout and leaving the 3 factions to kill each other off. Now, with the three treasures of Klyseek, and the captured Genasi faction leader, he disappeared to a far off town swearing to hunt down and capture all Genasi and keeping the leader as a trophy. For years he practiced manipulating the shadows to enhance his skills to their full potential. Years later, he encountered a certain group of travelers that would tie him to a destiny he could never have foreseen…

Vulcier Dahrkress

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