King Dwarfshack

Born with the largest beard seen in centuries, can he live up to the expectations of the legendary Dwarfshack that preceeded him?

Born in the dwarven city carved from the mountains, Stormblade, King Dwarfshack, born as Thorim Beardskin, was birthed with the largest beard seen in centuries. This beard could only be rivaled by the beard of his great ancestor, Gilthurm Stoneheart, who received the title “Dwarfshack” for having such an immense beard. In Dwarven Society many kingdoms rank social status by the length of one’s beard, with Dwarfshack being the highest title. Thorim Beardskin is the second person to receive this title, and quickly became king, breaking all bloodline traditions.

This transition did not go smoothly. While the noble families did not question the Dwarfshack’s initial rise of power, many questioned his practices. Despite strictly adhering to Dwarven law, he was considered too lenient. A small group of jealous, yet vocal Dwarves began to spread scandalous rumors claiming that he was not a true Dwarfshack, as someone that well-bearded could not be anything but a firstborn of Moradin. This caused much debate over Thorim’s legitimacy to the thone.

During this moment of confusion, the city was under attack by the powerful summoner, Magistar Ornate. Stormblade was constantly under attack by neighboring orcs and giants, but this marked the first time it was under attack by skeletons, presumed to be led by the summoner. King Dwarfshack engaged in battle to a powerful, and well-bearded, skeleton wielding the very same axe used by original Dwarfshack. In his final blow, the skeleton managed to cleave Thorim’s beard moments before being defeated. The other skeletons soon fell, and the summoner fled the city. The Dwarfshack was praised as the hero of the battle, but he was not pleased by the destruction that devastated the city. His beard was reduced to that of the highest ranking nobles, but he was offered to remain king due to his surname and the political power it held against rival cities. Not wanting to be a further threat to the city, the Dwarfshack declined. The weapon of his ancestor was left behind in the battle, but only the dwarf with the longest beard was allowed to wield it. Knowing that he may have lost his chance at wielding his ancestors blade, he left the city along with his loyal follower, Hetaera Ironheart, to find an adventuring party in which he could seek revenge against Ornate. Hetaera and the Dwarfshack were passing through Tussil when they found a young, but prospective group of adventurers. This begins the story of King Dwarfshack’s path to reclaiming peace for the city and making a name for himself in non-Dwarven society.

King Dwarfshack

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