Balasaar Rhograh

Captain of the guard in Tullis very protective of the town


Balasaar is captain of the city guard, and has devoted his life to protecting the small city of Tullis, he has the typical dragon born attitudes and will stop at nothing to protect his town. Balasaar is worried that he wont be able to protect the City much longer.


Balasaar is 40 years old and his mother is a paladin of Bahamut and is no longer in Tullis, his father is the city smith. Balasaar was appointed captain of the guard after [[Ulfrik Thundertoe]] retired and passed on his shield to the Dragonborn warlord. Balasaar lives with his wife Alkaranda near the town’s chapel of Bahamut. Growing up Balasaar was a devout of Bahamut and is faithful he will save the town.

Balasaar Rhograh

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