• Alaric Wolfe

    Alaric Wolfe

    The city Inn operator and general store owner.
  • Balasaar Rhograh

    Balasaar Rhograh

    Captain of the guard in Tullis very protective of the town
  • Gilthurm Stoneheart

    Gilthurm Stoneheart

    The day he was born, everything the dwarves thought they had known had changed.
  • Jargon unit 52

    Jargon unit 52

    Jargon is a defective warforged form the city of Sandgate. He travels with the ebony guard.
  • Kadaashi Gresh

    Kadaashi Gresh

    The cities main medecine woman and alchemist.
  • King Kallido Sigundus

    King Kallido Sigundus

    King who rules over Chimera and the surrounding lands.
  • Locke Ravenwood

    Locke Ravenwood

    A once wild adveturer with his own group, he has hence become king of the Northern Kingdom with his party now serving as his royal generals.
  • Norryn Silvermoon

    Norryn Silvermoon

    The nobleman who resides in Pram's Reach and oversees the Briarwood trade route