Fate Bound in Chains

The Shadowfell

A ticket back home comes once in a Blue Moon

I must say, I am astounded. Not only was I right in assuming that my friends did in fact jump into a pool of blood filled with the hands of the undead when we had an audience with the Lord of Pram’s Reach in just a day BUT they also led Hetaera and I into…the Shadowfell. Of course! Where else would a pool of blood take you? We arrived promptly on the ashen ground of the deathly plane after falling, oh I’d say about 10-ish feet. After a swift yelp of pain I got myself up and rubbed my eyes. This is when I figured out where in fact we were.

Off in the distance I could make out the figures of a few people. I knew who they were instantly. The tiny form of Mertoid, the strong yet short figure of the Dwarfshak (along with his beard), and well the others looked relatively the same from here. Anyways, I looked around quickly. I couldn’t believe it. We were in the Shadowfell. THE SHADOWFELL! This place is filled with undead and evil creatures of the like. And I hate undead. This was horrible. An angry expression made it’s way upon my face and I made my way toward the rest of my party along with Hetaera.

They noticed us and quickly greeted us with a somewhat guilty expression written on their faces. I glared at each of them and it was very quiet. “WHY DID YOU JUMP INTO A WELL AND LEAD US ALL INTO THE SHADOWFELL?!” I exclaimed. Mertoid cleared his throat,”That is because, dear Zetkin,we are hereby, The Brotherhood of the Well!” I felt my eye twitch and looked to the rest of the party. “Really?”. They all nodded. I rested my forehead in my hand and sighed to compose myself. I get knocked out and this is what happens? I looked up and smiled an obviously fake smile. “So, how is it that we get out of this awful place exactly?” Narsus stepped forward with his smart-ass smile and pointed towards the sky. “Well when the blue moon rises you sail on the sea the entire night and you will end up back where you should be.” There was a spark of hope in me. “Oh! That sounds easy enough! ” Narsus, still smiling, announced, “There is a catch though.” my brows furrowed and we all in unison said, ”..What?” Narsus picked his hand up matter-of-factly and said,”The blue moon only rises once a month.” We were all quiet and my eyes grew wide. I shook it off though, “Well then let’s hope tonight is that time.” The rest of the party agreed and we headed towards what looked to be a town.

As we got closer I noticed that the town bore a striking resemblance to Pram’s Reach. Could it have been the Fell version of the famous port city? I think so. As I was saying, we entered the city that was titled “Graverot” by a nearby sign. The town was absolutely quiet. If a pin were to drop across the town we would have been able to hear it. Shalahai put a finger to his lips in a shushing manner and pointed at something in the fog. We were in the middle of what seemed to be the town square and the figure stood about 40 feet away. No one could quite tell what the figure was but soon enough there was more of them, hundreds more of them entering the plaza where we stood. It was then that we noticed that these were in fact undead. We stood backs against each other in a circle with our weapons drawn. “Oh holy Avandra, what are we gunna do?” I cried out. I then noticed a loan raven standing atop a large open gate where there were no undead. Dwarfshak then exclaimed, “We have to get to the warf as soon as we can!” I pointed to the gate and yelled, “There!” and ran towards the gate with the raven. The ground was covered with dust no matter where you were. Everything was gray and sad. But this was no time to admire the scenery, the undead were in fact trailing after us.

Though it took us a while and exhausted some of our limited resources we made our way to the warf and found a boat we could use. Well that might be stretching it a bit. There were many holes in the floor of the ship but it was the only one that wasn’t almost completely submerged in water. Dwarfshak, Shalahai and Mertoid took to repairing quickly while Vulcier, Hetaera, Narsus and I prepared to defend against the impending horde. I readied my broadsword, closed my eyes and knelt my head down as the horde quickly approached. Avandra, empower my blade to slay these fiendish beings. I pray that your grace may bestow upon me the divine strength to rid my comrades and I of this hellish horde so that we may return to where we came and find freedom once again. With this I stood up with my radiant blade of light in my hand faced the foul horde in front of me.

Soon my friends and I had slain two hordes of undead, another one was coming our way when Dwarfshak announced that the boat was in enough shape to sail. We ran towards the ship and broke our ties to the bridge, some of us barely escaping the grasps of the horde. I fell against the side of the boat and breathed a sigh of relief. I then saluted and whispered, “Thank you Avandra.” as I watched the radiance of my blade slowly fade. I looked up into the sky and noticed in its brilliant light, the blue moon. I looked towards the mast and saw the raven once again. I smiled, “And thanks to you too, Raven Queen.”

Love, Zetkin Severine Trix



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