Fate Bound in Chains

King Dwarfshack's Paragon Path

Their bodies crumble like sandstone!

During the battle of the Kraken, I was busy protecting the Brotherhood of the Well from two menacing Barons. I heard the Kraken scream and before I could react we were all caught in a whirlpool. I was struggling to escape, but there was little I could do. Suddenly I awake on the shore of a forest. I noticed Hetaera laying there next to me. It was strange that nobody else was here, but after hours of searching I assumed that we must have been separated and we had no way of finding each other. I woke up Hetaera, and with no other options, we returned to Stonecrest. I was welcomed back with open arms, as people everywhere were eager to hear my story. Soon after I returned to my duties. I did not immediately return as king, but I was definitely treated as one. It was I who the nobles talked to and diplomatic duties were given too, not the current replacement king. Instead Hetaera and I decided to go to the noble quarters and further our training, in case further, more challenging situations arose than giants and orcs. Hetaera came to me explaining that there was much commotion with her training. We went to the Stonefire rager to hear his explanation. Hetaera could not receive the training since she was not a dwarf. By Moradin’s Beard! I can’t believe Hetaera couldn’t figure things out. Thankfully she’s not too bright. While she didn’t figure it out then, I was afraid that she might figure it out eventually. She needed to become a legal dwarf quickly, so I sacrificed my dignity for it. Hetaera was now a dwarf, and could proceed with the training. After this was taken care off I too sought to learn the ways of my elders, preferably that of the Dwarfshack himself. Much to my surprise, I was handed a greatspear. I thought it was a joke, but after working through with it, I found it to be a worthy asset to a dwarf. The sheer size of the weapon allowed me to pierce giants in the face, much to the surprise of the other dwarfs. While they had to climb up their bodies, I could simply stab forward. I was pleased by their jealousy. With my new training and the help of a few thousand dwarfs, we managed to push back the giants further than ever before. They were no longer even worthy of being called sandstone, yet we have no other words which to describe them. While I do welcome my return back to Stonecrest, I always wondered what happened to the rest of the brotherhood of the well. If they’re out there, I hope we can meet again.



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