Fate Bound in Chains

That freaking bard woke me up by poking me with a stick! I was very cranky this afternoon Anyways, after Mertoid so gently awoke me upon the ending of our boat ride, I saw that we had arrived in…Wyrmwater. The city, if you could call it that, was just three days distance away from Chimera on horse! I proudly mounted my new, noble steed, Goodmonson, ready to get the trip over with. It was when I heard the gruff’s of my fellow party members when I realized, I was the only one who had a horse. So, it would be a six day trip after all. I patted my sullen horse on the head and told him, “Don’t worry. You’ll have your time to shine, some day.”

On the sixth day of travel we saw it. We all except for The Dwarfshak who had most likely seen such things before stood in awe of the magnificence that was the city of Chimera. I had never seen a place anything like this. A city carved from the stone architecture. A joint effort between man and nature! I was giddy. I propped myself on top on Goodmonson and rode towards the city gates.

We only had a bit of time to admire the inside of the sculpturous city before we headed up the MASSIVE staircase to see the King. Excuse my excitements. But Avandra, was it awesome. We finally arrived in the room we were to meet with King Sigundis in. This would be the second king I would meet. He walked in and we all stood. I bowed. I didn’t know if it was right but I did it anyways. He was a very wise looking, middle-aged man with medium length brown hair and a matching colored beard. I also noticed a mangled looking blade at his side that looked to be made of teeth along with a beautiful, royal blue cape. I felt drawn to the cape but greeted the king nonetheless. As he spoke to us he seemed to be a kind of father figure. I could tell he cared for his kingdom and his people most of all. We told him the tale of the mindflayer and the book that we sought. He agreed that this was an important matter to attend to and allowed us into the Tomb of Denad. We were escorted there by three huge, armored men adorned with long, black capes made of raven’s feathers. They were the Watchers. The paladins of The Raven Queen. And they were awesome.

Upon entering the tomb we know that 1) No one had been in here for a long time, and 2) No one was allowed in here. Now, this is where I must end my log. I don’t know what lies ahead of us. Wish us luck, Avandra.

Love, Zetkin Severine Trix



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