Fate Bound in Chains

Heskan's Paragon Path

Was having trouble typing this in first person, so im just gonna say that this is written by some historian many years later

Heskan barely survived the unforgiving ocean by clinging to a piece of the boat wreckage for days. Believing all his comrades have been lost in the ocean, he slowly lost hope and began to consider commiting suicide. At the last second before commiting the act, a vision from Logrim One-Eye telling him where to find his tomb gave him the strength to swim to shore. Upon returning to shore, Heskan set off on his journey to reclaim the sword. The area where the tomb was located was right in the middle of a border war between two kingdoms. Unable to enter the tomb until the war was over, he hired himself off as a mercenary and soon gained a reputation as a fierce and unyielding warrior as well as a competent battle commander. He was soon promoted to commander of a mercenary company of his own. After leading his forces through battle after battle, the war finally ended.

Heskan and his newly found mercenary company entered the tomb of Logrim One-Eye. Inside the ruins, he lost nearly half of his company to traps and what looked to be an infestation of Yuan-ti before finally reaching the final chamber of the tomb. Inside the chamber he came face to face with the foul being known as Xavier, He Of The Floating Throne. The battle that followed lasted hours. many Yuan-Ti and mercenaries fell but Xavier and Heskan fought on. Finally, after nearly a day of protracted battle, Xavier fell to Heskan’s sword.

Inside the tomb Heskan found the famed sword of Logrim One-Eye, as well as a few other magical items from the lost empire of Arkhosia. With the tomb plundered, Xavier dead and Logrim One-Eye’s sword recovered, He sets off to find more glory and battle with the remains of his company in tow.



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