Fate Bound in Chains

Goodbye, Mertoid.

you will be missed

It is quiet, and I am numb. Why…just why? Mertoid is dead…dead. And we can’t bring him back. On top of this, I am bleeding. All over. And it hurts so bad. The rest of the party is here but no one speaks. As we sit with the king he too keeps silent in memory of the gnome. Tears escape my eyes, but not because of the pain. Because of the loss of my friend.

The tomb had been a perilous journey. There had been spectres, rats, a lot of rats, ice covered floors, lockpicking with feet, a gelatinous cube, and many other odd terrors. We still had not found the book and grew weary. There couldn’t be much more to the tomb…it was just too much. Unfortunately I was wrong.

There was one more room before the end. A room filled with foul necrotic work. There were jumps and volley’s that needed to be made to get to the other side of the room. Unfortunately before we could get to the end, vulturous specters entered and attacked. We fended them off for a while but we couldn’t kill them. They were hungry and they were going to get their meal. This is when our dear friend, Mertoid, fell into a crevice in the room. The vultures took the opportunity and we knew there was nothing we could do. We would not see him again. We escaped the room before the bastards could think twice about coming after us again, but we felt the weight of the situation immediately. Our bard was gone. Mertoid the Talespinner orwhateverhisrealnameis was dead.

The room we were now in consisted of only a long hallway surrounded by darkness. At the end of the hallway we spotted a large stone coffin. It was the tomb. After walking down the extension of tile and stone, we were finally at the location of the book. The mighty Hetaera lifted the top of the tomb to reveal…liquid. Dark, blackish-red liquid. The barbarian touched the liquid but nothing happened. The party was confused and silent. I stepped forward and looked into the small abyss of liquid. A sudden pounding entered my mind. I dropped my sword and shield and grabbed my head. A voiced penetrated my thoughts, “We could use this…” I hadn’t heard him since the shadowfell portal incident. It was the voice that had haunted me ever since I was able to hold a sword and shield. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? USE IT FOR WHAT?!” There was no response but the torturous aching ended. My party stared awkwardly at me and Hetaera made sure I was okay. I looked into the liquid and my hand started towards it. Was I really going to listen to him?

I did it. I don’t know why, but I did it. Before I knew what was going on the liquid shot up into the air and some kind of magical force stripped me of my armor. The liquid surrounded me like some kind of demonic dance and I saw barbs start to form. Once the barbs had all sharpened to a point, they slammed into my flesh. I screamed and my knees buckled with the immense pain of a thousand spikes breaking into me. I braced myself until the pain was over. My skin, still sore, was now covered in a dark golden armor, and I saw my blood start to flow through beneath the surface. “Uh..”, was all that managed to escape my mouth when the Dwarfshak noticed runes on the side of the sarcophagus detailing the real location of the book. The Malfian Jungle.

With this information we were told to head into the jungle, after we look around the city and have a ceremony for Mertoid of course. I can’t take off this armor, or whatever it is. But it’s time I end this log.

Goodbye Mertoid, we will miss you.

~Zetkins Severine Trix



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