Fate Bound in Chains

A Mindflayer, a Tournament and off we go!

this oughta be fun

Oh Avandra… This has been quite a few interesting days..

But hey! Look! I’m ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!! Isn’t that great? The mindflayer didn’t eat my brain! In fact we did pretty well. Of course we didn’t kill the damned illithid. Coward ran away before we could even get to him. Anyways, with our party reformed and with the help of our new friend William Ranesford we took out two skeletons, two carrion crawlers (ewwwwy!) and even that dumb brother Josef! He was a thrall! Isn’t that funny?! Well actually we didn’t kill him. He killed himself. Because he was dumb.

Oh yeah. That happiness of the victory didn’t last long. I forgot about the small problem that happened immediately afterwords. We went back up to Abalard’s room to find him dead. Dead and with holes in his head. The mindflayer had searched his mind to find the book and killed him. So now the mindflayer knows where the book is. So that’s not so great. Especially when he could apparently possibly destroy the world with that book in his possession. I did feel pretty bad for dear William though. His father and his brother were dead now. Unfortunately with the impending peril we did not have much time to console him. He understood and we bid him and the rest of the farmland adieu after a bit. Ugh. Goodbye handsome noble boy.

And after a few days of travel we once again we arrived in Pram’s Reach! What a relief this place was after the deserted and horrid farmland. We noticed that there was much bustle and hustle about the town. Races of all kinds and professions were everywhere. Oh. Right. The Festival of the gods was going on in the next few days! That’s of course why we were still carrying that trunk with one of the prizes in it. We headed to see Norryn as soon as we could. He of course was expecting us so we saw him immediately. He seemed to have recovered fully from the attempted assassination attempt (no doubt due to my fantastic healing…or at least I like to think so). We explained to him all the events that proceeded in the farmland. He was of course a bit taken aback but as a professional diplomat he kept his cool. He told us that if what we said was true than our next step would be to head to Chimera and find the book before the mindflayer. He also offered us to stay a few more nights until the end of the festival. We of course couldn’t deny an offer like that. It was definitely time for some fun.

During the next few nights we took part in a few contests mainly with another adventuring group, The Ebony Guard. They had a human artificer name Alek, a dragonborn wizard named Daar, a dwarf shaman named Ana, a gnoll ranger named Ghyrryn, a stupid tall hot goliath warden named Nalla (scary), a warforged avenger named Jargon Unit 52 and last but not least, a handsome tiefling warlord named Ispiration. Oooooo. (coughcough) Anyway.

The 1st event was: THE BEERFEST!!! (insert crackling manly thunder)

And to our surprise. Our lean but apparently endurable Narsus won. Somehow. I mean really, there were dwarves involved. How does this work? Oh the Dwarfshak has just informed me that the beer that was offered was human beer and not up to par with the beer that the dwarves were used to.

The 2nd event was: The Poetry Contest!

And the winner was the Dwarfshak! His simple and beardly words swooned the crowds! Hooray!

The 3rd event was: The Eating Contest!

Hetaera won this one. This was no surprise but we were very proud of her…eating all that food. It looked hard!

The 4th event was: The Great Debate!

And of course our charismatic bard, Mertoid won this…although I wanted it…

The 5th event was: The Obstacle Course!

Agile and quick Shrakk won this one! And when they revealed our prize I was awestruck. It was the most beautiful and valiant horse I had ever seen. It was colored like a cow. Or not according to Shrakk. Anyways, it was a magnificent black and white horse that would now be my mount. I know we will be good friends for a long time! Me and Goodmonson!!

The last event was: The Tournament of Kord.

Quite honestly I don’t remember what happened. I know our party won but I don’t know how or why. It’s so strange like I just blanked out. But no one remembers.

Before we left for Chimera, Norryn had a bit of a creepy moment. All I know is that he asked Hetaera to go with him and remove her armor and then she came back with a tattoo…yeha. So we said our goodbyes to Norryn and the Ebony Guard and we headed off an a boat towards Chimera. Which is where we are now. On a boat while about half of us are hungover, Goodmonson included. I think I’m going to attempt to rest up now. Chimera is our first big city and I want to be ready! Good day!

-Zzzetkin Severine Trix



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