Here I have set up some ground rules.

  1. We play Sunday starting at 1:25 pm, if you aren’t there we are starting without you, we will end at around 5:30 pm, we may go later.
  2. This may sound unfair at first but it really isn’t, you must have an obsidian portal account. I know everyone has a computer with internet access so this isn’t a hard request, you will need to read the wiki for updates and to do adventure logs. This also allows me to determine who is serious about playing, as only a few of you have accounts.
  3. No phones are allowed, I hate to be a hard ass but this is a necessity. You may answer calls if it is important, but there is absolutely NO TEXTING!
  4. You have a two minute turn limit, after that two minutes you have delayed your action, if this continues you will lose your turn instead of delaying it.

The Point System

How do I get points?

write an adventure log – 5pts

Show up on time – 2pts

Bring snacks(enough for everyone to have one) – 2pts

roll playing – 1pnt

kill 3 minions in 1 attack – 1 point

deal 25+ damage – 1 point

take 70+ damage in one encounter – 1 point

everyday two points will be awarded: the epic moment and the fail moment.

okay well now what do I do with these points?

10 – reroll a saving throw

20 – end an effect a save can end

30 – reroll one skill check (must accept the second result)

40 – automatically pass a saving throw

50 – reroll one attack roll must accept the second result

60 – force an attacker to re roll their attack roll

70 – automatically pass a check to identify one monster

80 – recharge an items power (encounters only)

90 – make one power reliable for one turn

100 – next attack auto crits (only usable on at-will powers and basic attacks) Have fun and may your crits be plenty.

Fate Bound in Chains

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